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A fatal epidemic called chronic kidney disease of undetermined causes (or CKDu) has been killing the world’s most vulnerable workers for decades. Those impacted by CKDu are predominantly agricultural laborers, their families, and the communities they live in. These CKDu-ravaged communities are impoverished and treatment for the disease in most cases is not easily accessible or financially feasible. These laborers work for such industries as sugar, rice, coconut and nuts. They are the workers who harvest the crops that end up as the sugar we put in our coffee and the rice in our cupboards.

These workers are sick, dying and need your help! Support La Isla Network as we improve working conditions associated with CKDu, improve access to care, and support a new generation of leaders in the community where we began our work.

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CKDu: a fatal epidemic

Research suggests that heat stress and dehydration due to excessive workload is cause for repeated kidney injury. It is estimated that CKDu has killed tens of thousands of agricultural workers in Central America and Sri Lanka—as well as countless more in other areas of the world.

The stories of young workers dying of CKDu are far too common. When the working conditions of ‘the only job in town‘ have likely contributed to the death of the older generation(s) of family members, outlook on life is bleak. In some sugarcane communities in Nicaragua, over 40% require treatment for CKDu, but it is out of reach for most.

Adelante Initiative


3% funded

Funds raised will cover the cost of local Nicaraguan research teams, their equipment, provisions, and training.

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Access to Care


2% funded

Funds raised will provide required resources for program oversight by one medical doctor in cooperation with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.

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Access to Clean Water


8% funded

Funds raised will cover costs of repairing the community’s water system to 100% capacity.

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Our Story
For the last decade, La Isla Network [La Isla Foundation 501(c)(3) ] has been dedicated to ending CKDu among workers and their communities worldwide. As La Isla Network continues to expand its strategic focus globally, we are in need of funding to help generate, support and execute our evidence-driven solutions on a macro level.